John Watts

John  Watts
Office: (204) 477-9016
Fax: (204) 474-5093
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I have owned the Manitoba Webview Franchise for approximately 10 years and have worked with Real Estate Marketing for over 16 years. We provide a wide variety of services including personalized color brochures, professional photography, just sold cards as well as the virtual tours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

John Watts (204) 477-9016 or

1161151910130Algonquin Estates46 Radium cove House539,900
1161911918334Algonquin Estates231 Leatherwood Cove House359,900
115734 All Possible LocationsRaised Bungalow House1
168 All Possible LocationsThe Emerald HouseContact Representative
64378 All Possible LocationsThe Whitestone HouseContact Representative
86292 All Possible LocationsThe Whitestone II HouseContact Representative
102276 All Possible LocationsThe Trimble HouseContact Representative
105739 All Possible LocationsThe Wesley HouseContact Representative
106012 All Possible LocationsThe Custom Two-Story HouseContact Representative
107700 All Possible LocationsThe Delaware HouseContact Representative
109457 All Possible Locations82 Red Moon Road HouseContact Representative
1161121909080Amber Trails78 Agnes Arnold Pl House369,900
1160481903321Amber Trails612-280 amber trail House279,900
115193 Central510 Sargent Ave Commercial220,000
1161271910748Charleswood6383 Southboine Dr House839,900
1162641929995Charleswood170 Barker Blvd House499,900
1161611914696Charleswood610 Coventry RoadSoldHouse349,900
1153611702635Crescentwood7e-229 Wellington Crescent Condo525,000
1161231910044Crescentwood138 Kingsway House499,900
1160971908338Crescentwood703-323 Wellington Condo219,500
1162251922954Deer Lodge297 Sharp Boulevard House299,900
1160771900390Eaglemere12-226 Grassie Blvd House244,900
1162081919618East Kildonan270 Bowman House249,900
1161641914065East St. Paul201 Terrance Place House589,900
1160751906345Fort Garry18 Venus Bay House299,900
1160631904365Fort Garry984 Southwood Ave House289,900
1161321910369Garden City 2024 Sinclair Sttreet House409,900
1161671915243Inkster Gardens14 Wildbrook Bay House499,900
1161051908805Island Lakes18 Tidewater Bay House399,900
1162471927915Island Lakes270 Island Lakes House379,900
1162011919455Island Lakes15 Berube Place House350,000
116256 Island Lakes51 Cassin Crescent House1
1159111821234La Salle17 Kingscrest Dr House645,000
1162391926113Linden Woods2 Foxmeadow Drive House475,900
1162271923458Linden Woods40 Victor Lewis Drive House459,900
1111112914842Meadows West317-835 Adsum Drive Condo273,500
1160691905124Missions Gardens856 Kernaghan Avenue House339,900
1159151822367Normand Park3 Portside Drive House554,900
1160621904477Normand Park15 Easy Street House374,900
1161751919752North Kildonan302-1880 Henderson Highway House309,000
1162711930869North Kildonan408 Oakland Avenue House279,900
1160501903920Norwood135 Pinedale Avenue House349,900
1162411926840Pulberry69 Worthington Avenue House274,900
1162491927006Richmond West10 Hillmartin Drive House399,000
1160071828453Richmond West416-1720 pembina Condo179,900
1160571903552River East2 Fox Pointe House698,000
1161351911438River Heights827 Waterloo Street House499,900
1162221922505River Heights515 Oxford Street House399,900
1159191825026River Heights1305-1205 Grant Ave Condo399,900
1161251910238River Heights794 Queenston Street House389,900
1162331925213River Heights882 Borebank Street House349,900
1160831906740River Heights706-323 Wellington Condo345,000
1160521904052River Heights652 academy House329,900
1160551903988River Park South18 Orford Crescent House479,900
1162191922489River Park South3 Eb Claydon Road House424,900
1162101915361River Park South108 Malmsbury House399,900
1161291910001River Park South26 Aldgate Road House329,900
1162651929550River Park South58 Sundial Crescent House299,900
1159941827390Royalwood7 Tascona Rd House547,900
1157711810706Royalwood23 Elstree Court House529,000
1162671930079Royalwood9-1290 Warde Ave House379,900
1159211819813Sage Creek114 Silver Sage House749,900
1160711905183South Glen288 Southglen Boulevard House434,900
1162171922520Southdale67 Queensway Crescent House399,900
116140 Southdale18 Rockcliffe House379,900
1162531928746Southdale15 Grover Hills Lane House339,900
1162051919647Southdale82 Bluewater House249,900
1161171909656St. Clements5128 rebeck House399,900
1161971918702St. Norbert501-3420 Pembina Highway Condo399,900
1158391905805Tuxedo112-775 Sterling Lyon Pkwy Condo449,900
116193 Tyndall Park211 Weitzel Street House314,900
1158691819534Waverly West336 Creek Side Road House803,800
1161661914759Waverly West47 Clear Spring Road House699,900
1161991918924Waverly West70 Cadboro Road Condo574,900
1162691930108Waverly West76 Autumnview Drive House539,900
1162591929815Waverly West155 Rowntree Ave House354,900
1160591904370Waverly West921-15 Bridgeland Drive House299,900
116190 Whyte Ridge10 Phimster Close House489,900
1161531913764Whyte Ridge91 Tolcross House379,900
1160681904604Windsor Park41 Blackberry Bay House309,900
1162571929411Wolseley119-70 Maryland St Condo182,900
1162161921766Selkirk227 Eveline St House324,900
1162511923710St. Adolphe12-133 St Agathe Street - St Agathe Condo169,900