John Watts

John  Watts
Office: (204) 477-9016
Fax: (204) 474-5093
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I have owned the Manitoba Webview Franchise for approximately 10 years and have worked with Real Estate Marketing for over 16 years. We provide a wide variety of services including personalized color brochures, professional photography, just sold cards as well as the virtual tours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

John Watts (204) 477-9016 or

1152071700929Algonquin Park16 Uxbridge Road House579,900
114052 All Possible Locations82 Edenwood House1
114051 All Possible Locations8 Stan Bailie Drive House1
64378 All Possible LocationsThe Whitestone HouseContact Representative
86292 All Possible LocationsThe Whitestone II HouseContact Representative
102276 All Possible LocationsThe Trimble HouseContact Representative
105739 All Possible LocationsThe Wesley HouseContact Representative
106012 All Possible LocationsThe Custom Two-Story HouseContact Representative
107700 All Possible LocationsThe Delaware HouseContact Representative
109457 All Possible Locations82 Red Moon Road HouseContact Representative
1152911627826Amber Trails6 Amber Trail House449,900
1149341701599Assiniboia242 Oak Forest Crescent - The Oaks House1,399,000
1152491701070Assiniboia298 Oak Forest Crescent - The Oaks House1,375,000
115253 Central594 Main St Commercial397,500
115237162412Central1108 Ingersoll Street House324,900
115193 Central510 Sargent Ave Commercial220,000
1152291624020Charleswood67 Bramble Drive House699,900
1152871627751Charleswood1261 Liberty Street House499,900
1152611622968Charleswood6130 Wilkes Ave House489,900
1148381528118CrescentwoodPH1 221 Wellington Crescent Condo975,000
1152931628595Crescentwood8c-229 Wellington Crescent Condo599,900
1153371701529Deer Lodge435 Lyle Street House254,900
1152731626761East Kildonan713 Fleming Avenue House224,900
1150481610949East St. Paul3525 Henderson Highway House669,900
1153211630473Fraser's Grove80 Claus Bay House224,900
1151951620444Grande Pointe1908 Carriere Rd House739,000
1151851620578Headingly South10 Kuypers Lane House839,900
1152711625499Ile De Chenes379 Dufault Drive House329,500
115155 Inkster Gardens6 Wildbrooks House1
1153111629397La Salle38 Kingswood House489,900
1152951627936Linden Woods201-270 Fairhaven Road Condo324,900
1153131629660Linden Woods47-1010 Wilkes Avenue Condo269,900
114877 Maples7-1235 Troy Avenue Condo1
114879 Maples25-1220 Chamberlain Avenue Condo1
114881 Maples26-1220 Chamberlain Avenue Condo1
114893 Maples8-1235 Troy Avenue Condo1
1151511618382North Kildonan506-1820 Henderson Highway Condo369,900
1152771627163North Kildonan299 Edelweiss Crescent House232,999
1135571300012Oakbank19 Spirea Lane House576,500
1153331701130Richmond Lakes305-3285 Pembina Highway Condo189,900
1153251700170River Heights450 Montrose Street House325,000
1153231700175River Pointe26 Riverhaven Grove House950,000
1149301602761Royalwood28 Eastoak Drive House1,049,000
113209 Royalwood103 East Oak House1
107213 Royalwood78 Westwater Drive HouseContact Representative
1153171630298Sage Creek150 Moonbeam Way House429,900
1153051628676Silver Heights2102-497 thompson Drive Condo169,900
1151431620857South St. Vital545 Christie Road House1,390,000
1151051614111South St. Vital152 Phil Chris Way House789,000
1153311700779St. Andrews3 Chizick Drive House849,900
115101 St. Andrews2 Elm Street-St Andrew-MB House1
1152851627537St. Boniface153 Hebert Rue House729,000
1152651625754St. Boniface424 Youville Street House489,900
1152391624274St. Boniface306-500 Tache Boulevard Condo469,900
1152811627905St. James45 Athlone Drive House349,900
1152791627432St. Norbert276 Rue Lemaire House339,900
1152751627801St. Vital42 McNulty Crescent House879,900
114830 St. Vital494 Beliveau display suite Condo1
1147541602109Tuxedo26 Burnley Place House1,999,999
1152231623826Tuxedo95 Coleraine Crescent House995,000
1153291700554Tuxedo141 Hopwood Drive House699,900
1153271700295Tuxedo47 Newbury Crescent House674,900
1132161415528Waverly West109 Autumnview Drive House1,049,900
111570 Waverly West93 Autumnview Drive HouseContact Representative
114335 West St. Paul7 River Oaks Crescent House1
1152991628292Whyte Ridge2 Hammersmith Road House389,000
1152831627578Wolseley110 Home Street House520,000
1153091628967Wolseley240 Lipton Street House304,900
1151411616884Wolseley7-828 Preston Avenue Condo218,000
1153391701556Woodhaven500 Greenacre Boulevard House549,900
1153351700999Woodhaven406-2680 Portage Avenue Condo289,900
1146321516968Gimli RM368 Willow Island Road House545,000
114438 Gimli RM31 Center Street - Gimili - MB Commercial1
113787 Lac du BonnetSample Rental Property Rental1,500
1151571619601LaSalle11016 47NE Road House1,200,000
1152431624598LaSalle56 Medinah Drive House559,900
1153071629350LaSalle11150 46NE Road - LaSalle House429,900
1153151629801LaSalle31 Fourth Avenue House349,900
114703 LaSalleLa Salle Condos Condo1
1153191630546Niverville13 Cambridge Way House239,900
1152051622433Selkirk10 Mapleton Bay House589,900